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Feitian ePass FIDO2, U2F, USB-C SecurityKey – K40

9.850 kr. 12.214 kr. incl VAT

Feitian ePass K40 FIDO2, U2F, USB-C SecurityKey is Engineered to keep you safe. It offers exceptional security to protect your employees against account takeovers. FIDO2 is one of the only phishing-resistant MFA.

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Introducing FEITIAN FIDO Security Keys

Feitian ePass FIDO2 K40 security keys are a series of security keys compatible with WebAuthN standards. They provide easy and secure online authentication against phishing and MITM attacks.

By choosing FEITIAN Security Keys, the user will achieve:

  • Plug-in and Use: Fully compatible with W3C’s Web Authentication Standard with HID interface. Plug in and secure your web applications easily.​
  • Flexibility: Variety product lines with different form factors and functions to meet the requirements of different scenarios.
  • Strong Authentication: Authentication via cryptographic proof instead of shared secrets, strong protection against phishing and MITM attacks.

FIDO Authentication

FIDO(Fast Identity Online) is a project aiming to eliminate the existing problems of traditional username and password schemes. The deployment of public key cryptography ensures no shared secrets between users and web services. Deploying FIDO Authentication in your organization will protect your information against phishing, account takeover, and man-in-the-middle attacks with a simple authentication flow.